Typhoid is a gram-negative bacterial systemic infection that is transmitted by food and drinks which are contaminated with human faeces and urine.

Regions at risk:

Typhoid is present throughout the world but rates are particularly high in countries where water and food supplies are contaminated with human faeces and urine. The risk is particularly high in South Asia.

Travel Precautions:

Prevention of Typhoid is focused on ensuring safe food and water, particularly in countries where typhoid is more common. Foods to be wary of include shellfish, salads, unwashed fruit and vegetables and raw undercooked meat products. Also, good hand hygiene is very important, washing hands before eating and after using the toilet.

Signs and symptoms:

The severity of illness varies. The main symptoms of Typhoid are fever, headaches, confusion and vague abdominal pain. Prompt antibiotic treatment is required and if goes untreated, it could be fatal or cause severe illness.

Vaccination against Typhoid:

There are a number of vaccinations available in the UK against Typhoid. Travelers to risk areas are recommended to get the required course of vaccination before traveling. Book a consultation in advance to get the full course of vaccine before traveling.


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