Covid-19 Updates

Latest Covid-19 Updates

The Government has now said that people, even those previosukly shielding, can go outside and interact with people out of their household. They have released a set of guidelines to allow the maximum safety, and limit further spread of the virus in these stages. The guidelines state you should:

1. Keep a safe distance from people that are outside of your household or support bubble.

2. Avoid being face-to-face with those outside of your household or support bubble.

3. Keep your hands and face as clean as possible.

4. Ensure good ventilation in indoor places.

5. Avoid large crowds of people.

6. Work from home if possible.

7. Put thought into how and when you will travel, and limit public transport as much as you can.

8. Face coverings should be worn on on public transport and shops, public spaces where crowds could form, and in ALL healthcare settings. (Exemptions apply to wearing face coverings.)

9. Avoid shouting or singing close to those outside of your household or support bubble.

10. Reduce the number of people you interact with, when in work settings.

11. Wash your clothes and accessories regularly. Including jackets and jewellery like watches and bracelets.

12. Follow any other specific guidance requested by public premises you go to.

If you need further details, visit the government website here:

Or with this easy-read guide:

If you think you may have coronavirus, and you want to check if you can get tested, read the support and follow instructions here:


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